On my nails are China Glaze - Heaven and a few non-branded striped polishes.

(I’ve “shit” on my own nails)

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Times Flies When…

Senior year is ending. College is so close. Your camera dies. There isn’t enough time in each day…

Excuses, excuses, I’ll be back to posting once my camera’s charger decides to magically appear.

I’ve been really inspired by all of the designs that I’ve seen on my dashboard, so I cannot wait to post all of my new designs!

Annnnddddddd, if you’re bored/procrastinating/looking for something to pass on to your friends, follow my other blog http://shalayahunfiltered.tumblr.com, I promise if you enjoy Nails & Shit, this will not disappoint you.

Okay, this is alll for now, happy painting!

xoxo, The Grade A Shitter.

For this design, I’ve continued to use my OPI Black Shatter (which I love) and underneath it put a striped design of Orly Blue Collar, China Glaze Paper Chasing Kicks, and OPI Fiercely Fabulous. However, I’m still on the lookout for the China Glaze Crackle, but it’s been sold out everywhere :( 

(I’ve “shit” on my own nails.)

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These colors are supposed to be so good!


I”m in love! I love OPI and I super love Sephora by OPI so adding a little GLEE made me beyond stoked!

Each color is made to represent a different character!

The photo is direct linked to Sephora so ENJOY! :]]

I’m getting my 6 pack tomorrow!

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Nail Tip »


  1. If you break a nail. CUT ALL YOUR NAILS TO MATCH.

Its extremely tacky/unaesthetic if you don’t. You will look like you have choppy nails. Plus, it is healthy to start over with a new set of nails every once and a while =] They will be less likely to be brittle and break if you condition them…

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I decided to play with different top coats. On four of the fingers, I used an off brand of nail polish that is called “Perfectly Purple” and on the pointer finger, I used a mini OPI pink and applied NYC’s “West Village”. The purple nails were finished with the China Glaze Matte Magic, and the pink nail was finished off with Seche Vite top coat.

(I’ve “shit” on my own nails)

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Finally received my black shatter! I used Orly ‘Crush On You’ and Sally Hansen ‘White On’ as my bases. I really think this black shatter is going to be a keeper. Also be on the lookout for the China Glaze Shatter in different colors!

(I’ve “shit” on my own nails.)

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I decided to play around with different lines on each nail and did some boxes on top of the base. At first, I wanted to play around with the base colors but after doing the black base and white lines, I liked that option better and did the other hand with a black base, playing around with different colors as the lines. Pretty easy design, overall.

(Thank you, Anna Mexican, for letting me “shit” on your nails)

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